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The module introduces climate change impact and adaptation. The module reinforces the science of greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change and in the context of cumulative emissions, will introduce carbon budget calculations in a workshop.

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What do we mean by climate change? What are the main global organizations that are taking the lead in communicating information on climate change?

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The module provides an introduction to the basic concepts of waste management, starting from general definitions of waste, providing categories of waste, and then delving into the specific guidelines that could be adopted for Sports Marinas, which is the specific subject matter of this module.

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In this module, we will introduce International Organizations and their importance in all areas of navigation. Each country has organizations and entities responsible to define the regulations applied to boat navigation.

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This module focuses on solar photovoltaics and wind systems applicable to marinas and yachts which the focus of attention of this program.

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This module will analyse the current situation regarding nautical tourism in Europe, the importance of marinas and the marina management role.

In this module, we will address the main concepts related to a general vision of Soft Skills. This includes their importance, definitions, explanations, theories, and tools to identify and improve them individually.

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"What is research?" Research is a process of steps used to collect and analyse information to increase our understanding of a topic or issue.

The module gives guidance for writing up your placement report. You are required to produce a placement report and a poster at the end of your placement.

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The module offers an exciting opportunity to carry out your own research, rather than just learning about what other researchers and academics have written.
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